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Zeyt Zaytoun oregano 250 ml

6,00 $

Zeytoun by Biocent: Discover the essence of the Mediterranean with our Lebanese Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a fusion of tradition, purity, and the finest olives for an unmatched culinary experience.


Introducing our exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil, meticulously harvested, and bottled in the heart of Lebanon from the finest olives nature has to offer. What sets our product apart is not just its superior quality, but also the dedication to tradition and authenticity ingrained in every drop. Sourced from ancient groves, our olive oil boasts a distinctive flavor profile, enriched by Lebanon’s unique terroir and centuries-old expertise in olive cultivation. Elevate your culinary creations with the unparalleled taste and purity of our Lebanese Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a true embodiment of Mediterranean excellence.